Sailing through the Book of Jonah

 Ahoy! Climb aboard the Jolly Heart as we set sail on one of our greatest adventures yet. From the helm to the crow’s nest, the plank to the anchor, the main deck to the poop deck, our young buccaneers are in for an experience that will change their lives forever!

          Sailing through the Book of Jonah, our third Vacation Bible School, will allow our young buccaneers to learn about the life and ministry of a prophet named Jonah. As we sail through the Book of Jonah, our eyes will be opened and our lives will be changed forever. From the Book of Jonah, our young buccaneers will learn about the…

  • Flee

  • Fare that was paid

  • Frightened Mariners

  • Fish

  • Fast Return

  • Furious attitude


There is excitement everywhere you turn! Significant? Yes! God Honoring? Absolutely! Eye opening? Most definitely! Grab your compass and your cutlass and get ready to set sail for the Seven Seas! We promise, you don’t want to miss it!

Each day our adventure on the ship includes…

  • Anchor Down Lesson Time: where our young buccaneers learn about the life of the prophet Jonah and apply those lesson to their lives.

  • Treasure Map Games: where our young buccaneers will enjoy games that will get them in the sailing spirit..

  • Sea Breeze Music: where our buccaneers will meet on the deck to sing and give praise to Jesus through song.

  • Shiver Me Timbers Snacks: where the buccaneers will enjoy eating the catch of the day.

  • Crow’s Nest Crafts: where a variety of crafts and activities are made to assist our buccaneers on their voyage across the seven seas.

This is an experience that you and your church family do not want to miss! Are you ready to set sail and begin our voyage on the Seven Seas? Then grab your treasure map, compass, and sword and let’s set sail!