Raymond & Wanda Marlow

Gold Nugget Ministries would not be possible without the hard work from Mrs. Wanda Marlow. Mrs. Wanda is such a wonderful blessing to all that meet her. She writes and composes all of the songs for Gold Nugget Ministries, and is the pianist at Bethel Baptist Church in North Wilkesboro, NC. Please take time to read her testimony below. 

Testimony of Wanda Marlow 

As a young child, I started singing and playing the piano at the age 5. I was raised in North Carolina, in a Baptist Minister’s Home, where I was taught to live for the Lord. I was saved at nine years old. My Dad, Brother Muncie Absher, served as pastor in several churches throughout Wilkes County and Ashe County (mostly Wilkes County). At age twelve, I remember playing the piano for the choir at the church where my dad was the pastor at that time, and the Lord has truly blessed and used me throughout all my life. It is important to give one’s talent to the Lord for He is the one who gives it. One may train and take lessons, but the Lord helps and gives the ability to do so. Whether you sing or play an instrument, we should give God the glory for being able to do so. 

At the age of 18, I started teaching piano. My great uncle, Harvey Key, gave me a book called, “The Rudiments of Music” (shaped note edition) and told me I might need that book someday to show other people how to play the piano. I didn’t think that I would ever do that, because my goal was to attend Wilkes Community College and get a degree in Secretarial Science, which I did, but the Lord had other plans. Throughout those 2 years of college, different people would ask me to show them how to play the piano. I started with one or two students and the Lord kept blessing and adding more students.  After graduating from WCC in 1979, and while working in a business office, I met and married my wonderful husband, Raymond F. Marlow in 1981.  I worked between one and two years in a business office and taught piano on the side. Then, I started teaching piano full time with private lessons from my home.  That was 35 years ago, and I am still currently teaching piano in my home with an average of around 25 students per week. I have also taught piano, band, and chorus at Harvest Time Christian Academy for the past 16 years.  


Be careful to follow the Lord’s plan for your life.  He knows best and has a plan if we’ll only surrender our whole life to Him.  It has been my privilege to help Casey Joe Johnson with these songs.  We hope it will bless many hearts for years to come.


Wanda A. Marlow